Make-up Shaming

I learned tonight that there is something known as “make-up shaming.” I didn’t know this was a thing and I don’t really subscribe to these types of titles for actions. I mean, basically when it comes down to it, we’re just labeling different ways that people annoy us.

This type of annoyance has to do with criticizing a girl/lady/woman because of her make-up. It could be that she wears what you perceive as too much, or maybe too little, or you don’t like how they’ve applied it, or the worst of them all- “you don’t need make-up!”

Tonight I ran into, “you don’t need make-up.”

Well, I don’t need a Playstation 4, but I have one. I don’t need a Hunger Games cup with a rolled up mini posted of Harley Quinn from Batman on it sticking out of it sitting on my desk because I’m not sure what to do with the awesome poster yet, but I have it. I didn’t need a skinny mocha from Starbucks on Tuesday, but I got one. Okay that last one is a lie. I needed that.

But you get my point.

This all started because I posted a help request to Facebook for anyone who might be really good at applying makeup to maybe help me with some techniques. I can pull off the natural day look, but I struggle when I start getting into smoky eyes and night time looks.

Enter a barage of totally useless responses, mostly from men about how I don’t need make-up.

Yeah. I get it. But I like it.


Okay, fine. I don’t. But it’s 1. not your business or anyone elses if I choose to wear make-up and 2. If you didn’t have anything helpful to add, shut your dick trap. I had a very specific request and got only one remotely helpful response.

I understand that there is probably nothing wrong with how I look without make-up or wearing my hair my natural color instead of highlighting it or not having my nail painted. But I like those things. I enjoy the 15 minutes of “me time” that I get when I sit down to put on my make-up and I think I look nice with it on. It makes me feel good and comfortable.

Can the uber feminists who think that make-up is for weak women just trying to please men also please take a back seat and shut the fuck up?


That’s not a bad thing. I don’t feel bad about myself without make-up, but I do enjoy how I look and feel with it on, so I wear it. That’s totally 100% on me. I don’t need anyone telling me what I should or should not wear on my face, male or female. I don’t tell guys what to do to look good. Okay, another lie. I prefer it when my boyfriend has a beard. When he doesn’t, I still like his face, so I keep him around.

Maybe this is actually a good time to bring up BEARD SHAMING.

Guys- do you hate it when someone tells you that you should shave your beard or mustache? I bet that’s fucking annoying. If you want to grow a beard, you should grow a beard without anyone getting in your face about it. (Except if you can only grow something patchy or a pedostache. Just do yourself a favor and don’t.)

Don’t like it, huh? It’s the same thing as telling women to not wear make-up.


Honestly, the biggest problem I have here probably has nothing to do with make-up or beards even. It’s the fact that we have this thing called the internet and social media that are ways for us to communicate and learn and gather information and we are literally failing at it.

I asked a very specific question that I was hoping to get useful answers from. I would like help learning to better apply my make-up. So yes, I was looking for someone who is really good at it to either offer to help me out or to see if anyone I know has a favorite website or tutorial or Youtube channel that they like that could give me some sort of aid.

But when people ask for help on the internet, mostly they just get opinions from people who cannot offer help. It’s like you see a specific request and think, “I can’t help, but I sure as shit can inject my opinion on the subject and tell someone what I think they should do instead.” Or just hijack the whole thing going off on a fucking tangent. If you cannot help me with my make-up, your response amounted to this to me:

It’s a nasty trend, and you all know it.

But regardless, how I decide to dress or make myself up is my prerogative just as your personal style is yours.


The Struggles of an Escapist Reader

This blog is dedicated to my Twitter book club.

**WARNING** This blog contains major spoilers or hints of spoilers for: Silver Linings Playbook (movie), The Hunger Games (series and movies), 50 Shades of Grey (series), Vampire Diaries (series), The Lying Game (series), Divergent (series). If you aren’t familiar or planned to read and/or watch these shows and movies, I suggest you come back another time. I’ll ruin everything for you. I mean EVERYTHING.

I’m an avid reader. I’m a lover of anything from classic novels, murder mysteries, political and historical musings to dystopian fiction, trashy romance novels, and graphic novels covering any beloved Marvel or DC character.

There is nothing better to me than immersing myself in a good book. I mean submerged up to my eyeballs in a plot. It’s my own personal version of gambling. I have books I have never and will never finish because I couldn’t get into them and books that I’ll keep forever and read over and over because I feel like the characters and the story belong to me. I have a copy of Charlotte’s Web sitting on my bookshelf that is practically falling apart because I read it so many times growing up. I would melt down if something ever happened to that book. I love my books like other people love their dogs. That book is special to me. It’s priceless.

There are people who read for pleasure and people who read for knowledge. I read for escape.

Escapist readers are special breed. I get them and they get me. I try to talk to my boyfriend about my books and he patiently listens and smiles and nods and tells me he wishes he could get into books the way I do. In the end I have to storm onto Twitter, Tumblr, or text my girlfriends because they will understand how upset I am about how a book ended. They will understand why at the end of a book I threw my Kindle in mock horror and disgust. There are things that nonreaders don’t understand because it’s not just an understanding that my fellow readers and I share. We share empathy.

But try as I may, I’m here to help you understand.

This is the plight of an escapist reader. This is the plight of my people.


Romeo Montague begged of Juliet after their first secret meeting, “O wilt thou leave me so unsatisfied?” I feel ya, Romeo. I feel ya. Nothing and I mean NOTHING is worse than an unsatisfactory ending to a book. I’ve had 2 of them in the last month. Books that just end. I don’t know if the author was lazy, lost motivation, or decided that the imagination of the reader was good enough to formulate their own ending, but this behavior is inexcusable.

Sure. I have an active imagination. But swiping back and forth like a mental patient on my Kindle screeching, “No…no…NO! That’s it!??! It’s done??” is the stuff nightmares are made of for an escapist reader. I don’t want to continue the story on my own. I want closure. I NEED closure.

It’s one thing for a book to have an unsatisfactory ending, it’s quite another for it to abruptly stop like the readers met their maker via an unforeseen nuclear attack, never to finish the book. I’m looking at you, Gillian Flynn! I almost broke my Kindle because of Gone Girl. I paid you for a whole book!

As an aside, I cannot tell you how terrible it is to not be able to hurl a book across the room in anger since I’ve moved to electronic reading. The Kindle was tossed to carpeting. A book may have broken something because I would have thrown it a la Pat in Silver Linings Playbook (seen above).

It’s also not fun when a book never ends and just gets dragged out until you don’t give a shit what happens to anyone or anything. Just give me a conclusion so I can be done with you! I don’t even care if it makes sense!

2. I can’t stop.

It is an absolute struggle to get me out of bed most days because I crave the next chapter of a book like a junkie craves a needle in their arm. I need my fix and I can’t stop until I know that the characters are okay and the world had not crashed down around them. I’ve been this way since elementary school. I used to stay up all night reading R.L. Stine Fear Street books because I couldn’t sleep until I knew that everyone didn’t die at the hands of a classmate or some sexy hitch hiker in Florida.

The OCD in me won’t stop until I reach the end of a chapter. But sometimes I can’t even do that. I’ll go and keep going until I get to the last page. It’s an addiction. It truly is. I read all three Hunger Games books in 3 days. I read in every spare moment I could find: on the bus on the way to work, on my lunch break, while my kid was in the bathroom. Any moment I could find, I had to have my eyes on my Kindle, just trying to get to the next chapter.

3. These characters are my family.

I am one of the readers who falls in love with characters as easily as I love the people closest to me. I can imagine the story playing out in my head. I know what the characters and the scene looks like. I know what they sound like. I know how they feel. When they’re happy, I’m happy. When they’re in pain, I’m inconsolable.

Some people look at me like I have three heads when I describe a book plot with the same flourish as I would if the strife the characters endure was my own. “You don’t understand! It’s not okay! She is just getting away with murder and no one seems to care! The police aren’t even trying to bust her!” You’d think sometimes I was talking about Casey Anthony or some other horrible person in the news. Nope. I’m talking about a completely made up person who only exists in text format (until the screen play comes to life, as it so often does).

Rose Hathaway from Vampire Academy is my spirit animal. That girl is me in badass, dhampir form. She speaks my language. Six books of me sticking through it because the narcissist in me felt like I was reading something that I was a part of.

When Rue dies in Hunger Games, it was like losing your own little sister. (I can’t discuss Prim, because I’m likely to be committed. I’ll never forgive you, Suzanne Collins! NEVER!!!)

Also, if I have another son some day, his middle name will be Finnick. (First name if I get my way haha!)

4. Fuck these characters!

Nothing is worse than unlikeable characters. I’m not talking about the characters you love to hate- that person that makes you furiously turn pages, just waiting for them to get what is coming to them. I’m talking about flat, static characters that have nothing to them. They are just boring, lame people.

I know that the Mortal Instruments series is big, but I cannot stress enough how boring Clary is. She isn’t likeable to me by any stretch of the imagination. I was waiting for her character to open up and flourish, but I ended up putting down the book almost a year ago and wishing nothing but bad things to happen to her going forward. I don’t even think I made it halfway through the book.

I started reading another dystopian series and had to stop half way through the second book. The first one was a struggle as it was. Once again, flat, boring, characters with no personalities. Blow this universe up because I’m over all of you. (Matched by Ally Condie. Just so blaaaaaaaah!)

I painstakingly worked my way through a series of three books by Marie Lu because I bounced back and forth between loving and hating the characters. I’d be all in and then suddenly I couldn’t stand them any longer. I was all but ready to give up and say, “I’m over you,” but then she ended book two with an unreal cliff hanger that reeled me back in. I had to suffer for months waiting for the third installment. Well, played, Marie.

5. The book was SO much better than the movie!

I’m not sorry. The book was better than the movie. Better than the show. There is a reason we get up and arms about this: because we were emotionally invested and connected with the characters for sometimes years. You have this ideal built up in your head. You know these characters inside and out. When they fall short of your expectations or pivotal information is withheld from movie-goers, it is positively infuriating.

Case in point: The first Hunger Games movie probably had many viewers completely lost on many aspects of the story line. The love triangle was poorly developed, as was the time that Katniss and Peeta spent in the cave together. They were in there for DAYS. Katniss didn’t acquire the mockingjay pin at the black market. The way she acquired it and from whom are all important to the story in later books, especially to Haymitch’s backstory. Catching Fire was far improved for the big screen, absolutely nailing Finnick and Johanna’s characters and helping the audience fall even more deeply in love with Mags, a character who never utters a word throughout the book or film.

Don’t even get me started on the embarrassment that was the film version of Vampire Academy or the first 3 X-Men movies. The completely botched, abomination they passed off for a Dark Phoenix storyline, plus anything having to do with Storm or Rogue…or basically anyone who wasn’t Wolverine (nailed it!) or the Professor was sickening to witness. The personalities were so off. Then there was World War Z, one of the best books I’ve ever read, with a corresponding movie that shares only the title. Literally, that’s it. But I’ll admit the movie was pretty decent. There are worse things in life than staring at Brad Pitt for two hours.

When context is lost and storylines are changed to the point where things don’t make sense or a beloved, fan favorite character is butchered due to poor adaptation, it doesn’t make for an enjoyable movie for readers. We feel both sorry for non-readers who have never known the greatness of the character or story, and envy that they don’t feel the anguish that we do when what we loved was ruined.

6. Ummm how is this better on screen than in print?

Conversely, sometimes the movie or tv version is better. I got hooked on the show The Lying Game. Nothing was more fun than hating Sutton Mercer. What a fucking twat she was! It was glorious watching her evil ways unfold! Unfortunately, ABC Family pulled the plug on the show after about a season and a half. The show ended with a main character/murder suspect being murdered himself. HOW COULD YOU DO THIS TO ME, ABC FAMILY?!?!

So, I retreated to the books. I had to find out what happened. First of all, we’re not even going to talk about how the show was 100 times more entertaining than the books. The characters burst to life in a way they didn’t on paper. (Or screen, the Kindle reader that I am.) But also, the books had nothing in common with the show outside of character names. Seriously. Nothing else was the same. Spoiler alert: in the books our beloved Ethan is a fucking psychopath and I had to get through 6 books to find out. How dare you, Sara Shepard. How dare you. (Also, I read a few of the Pretty Little Liars books, same deal. I think the show is better. Characters are more likeable or hateable.)

I can only hope that the film version of 50 Shades of Grey is a vast improvement from the horribly written books. Seriously, they have to improve it because E.L. James can’t write worth shit if she isn’t describing blow jobs or Ana taking a good, hard dicking. (Get a thesaurus, Ms. James. Nobody fucking “murmers” all the time, and any girl who says a guy is unleashing her “inner goddess” or says “holy cow” about a man’s penis isn’t getting laid any time this century.)

7. I want it to be REAL.

Sometimes I want a shitty ending…but really I don’t know what I want. When I get my shitty, real life ending, I will spend days mother fucking every character who fucked up the happily ever after because these characters have been through enough! They deserve so much more than the ending they were granted. Ahem, Four in the Divergent series. God, another failed ending to a tremendous series and destroying the life of what many of us considered the perfect guy. Remember what I said about falling in love with characters? Literally. We fall in love with them and no man or woman in real life will compare because our book characters can’t let us down. It’s safe.

This ended up practically a novel as opposed to a blog, but seriously, I could continue. There might be a part 2. There probably has to be.

I hope non-fanatical readers understand a little better how an avid and escapist reader’s brain functions, so you can all be a little kinder to us the next time we gripe about how a movie paled in comparison to a novel or comic book.

Don’t Kiss It Goodbye

One of my girlfriends posted a blog on Facebook titled “27 Things You Must Say Goodbye To At 27.” I’m 31 and she is in her later 20’s.

We need a rebuttle to this list. It’s necessary.

Getting older of course means that there are certain things that you need to give up for various reasons. But you cannot give up life and some activities, hobbies, and clothes are timeless. Some people take getting older too seriously.

I for one have LOVED every minute of my 30’s thus far. It’s been amazing. I’ve been working on my health. I finally can say I’m in a healthy and fulfilling adult relationship. Being a parent is getting more fun. I’m enjoying way more rewarding relationships with my friends.

Life of course is changing, but there are things that I had in my 20’s that I’m not giving up and neither should you. Getting older doesn’t mean turning into a basic hag. It means maturing and finding new and exciting ways to live your life.

So without further delay, here is my response to this obscene failure of a life lesson.

1. Give up everything bagels
Fuck you. Fuck your breakfast habits. Everything bagels are everything. If you have an issue with the caloric intake, buy the bagel thins. I for one, have a bag of everything bagel thins sitting on my kitchen counter as we speak. They make fucking amazing turkey sandwiches with mustard.

2. Your birthday is only one day
I personally don’t do the birthday week (I did do a birthday weekend this past year), but if you want to celebrate your birthday for an entire week, I don’t care. It’s not my business. Hey. Sometimes I like doing shit and treating myself. Not anyone’s place to judge.

3. Stop taking vacations “just because”
I don’t know what made this chick think that travel is only for work, but I had a fucking blast in Chicago last summer for a week just chillin and taking in what the city had to offer. Like Giordano’s deep dish pizza, baseball, Stanley Cup hockey, museums, and the Navy Pier. Their public transportation is fab. I didn’t have to drive my kid anywhere, so mimosa’s with breakfast it was!

Who stops vacationing for pleasure? Are you fucking insane? Do my parents whom are in their 50’s have to cancel their 2 week long Florida vacation in September because they’ve aged out?

4. Stop ignoring babies
Okay, what kind of monster ignores babies in general? If you don’t want to go to babyshowers or be involved in the lives of your friends because they started having kids, then shut up and don’t waste their time. They’ll be better off without you since turning 27 apparently is when you have to start liking children. If you cannot handle “being a bad friend” for not participating in these life changing events, then surround yourself with people who wish to remain childless.

5. Clubbing all night and paying for it the next day
Some people are forever young. Whatever. Dance on, bitches. Dance. On.


6. Stop shopping at Forever 21
They have a maternity line. End of story.

7. Stop shopping at H&M
I’ll wear whatever I God damn please.

8. Stop shopping at Urban Outfitters
I don’t shop here, but I won’t judge you if you do as long as you don’t judge the fact that like 75% of my wardrobe is from Target and the other 25% is from White House Black Market outlet.

9. Stop wearing hair accessories
I like flowers in my hair. Shut your whore mouth and I hope you go bald.

10. Give up rainbow sandals

11.  Give up dreams of law school
Yes. Give up all of your hopes and dreams. Make sure that you NEVER achieve anything because of your age. I didn’t graduate with my bachelor’s degree until I was 28. Shit happens. Your age does not dictate your future success. If it takes until you are 32 to get to law school, then so be it.

12. Stop wearing white dresses
I have three of them. Just because I’m not a bride, doesn’t mean I can’t look smokin in a nice, fun, summery dress that will make my tan look even more on point.

If any of you want to wear white to my bridal shower, I don’t give a fuck.



13. Midnight movie showings
If I want to see Transformers at midnight and get up and go to work at 5:00am, I will. It doesn’t stop me from staying up on a work night until 3:00am watching That 70’s Show on Netflix.

God invented espresso because he knew one day Netflix would be a thing. Use that gift.

14. Don’t explore your options.
I changed careers entirely at 29. Worked out well.

15. Have a hobby
If your hobby is painting your nails halfway into a bottle of Sangria, I salute you. You don’t need to have a hobby to impress other people. Having a hobby is for personal enjoyment. I personally enjoy my quiet time. I don’t have a hobby to speak of (other than I guess this blog). But I’m enjoying life and I don’t answer to anyone about it. I’ve never been at a party and not enjoyed myself because I couldn’t talk about my extensive 5K running career or art classes.

16. Throw out old bathing suits
I mean you should get new bathing suits, but if I’m laying in my yard or on my deck and you don’t like what I have on, go to someone else’s yard and get out of my fucking face.

17. Stop listening to boy bands
If N*SYNC gets back together, I would cancel my own wedding if the tour date fell on the same day. Bank on it. (Hun, if you’re reading this, you knew what you were getting into when you met me.) My Justin Timberlake love is real.



18. Never cancel plans
Shit happens. Sometimes I have to reschedule with you because my kid is sick or has something going on or something that is a bigger priority comes up. Life happens. I’ll make it up to you.

19. Don’t fight with your mom
Why? It’s healthy to clear the air. Sometimes we don’t agree. Whatever. Five minutes later it’s like the argument never happened.

20. Don’t watch MTV
Three months ago, I watched every season of Daria on Amazon Prime.

21. Don’t hold grudges against exes
I have a MAJOR grudge against an ex. Work passed stuff in a healthy manner, but it’s totally okay to hate someone until they die. Some people deserve it. Just don’t let it interfere with your future happiness.

22. You must shower every day
I typically do, but come on. Sometimes you can skip a day. If you worked out, please shower. But if you wake up and look okay, freshen up and be on your way. And sometimes I wake up  late and I’m in a hurry. You can make up the hours at work for me while I shower.

23. No more themed parties
My 30th and 31st birthdays were themed parties. And they were fucking fabulous. At 30 I had a casino night and at 31 we watched hockey and I had all tailgate and concession stand foods.

Don’t go to Christmas parties anymore, either. It’s a theme. You’re in direct violation of the moral obligations of a 27 year old’s life.

24. You must watch the news
Is it important to stay informed? Yeah. But that doesn’t mean you have to watch the news. Most of the news is shit, spin, and lies anyway.

25. Checking a guy’s finger
Not every guy wears a wedding band, and some people are shitheads and won’t wear one on purpose. That move means nothing, and doesn’t account for guys with girlfriends or who are engaged.

26. No more Facebook albums
I’m sorry, you can age out of making a album on Facebook? I hope Zuckerberg is finding some type of system control to make sure that you can’t post an album after your 27th birthday.

If I want to post an entire album of my dog photobombing people, I will…and I did. So suck it.

RIP Louie. The world will never know a better photobomber than you.

RIP Louie. The world will never know a better photobomber than you.

27. You must work out every day
Fuck you. I enjoy working out, but if I skip a day, what is it to you?

Your age does not control your life and does not mean that you have to stop enjoying the things you have always loved.

If you touch my everything bagel, I will fucking cut you.

Dear Internet: Chill the F Out

I’m more and more over social media and the current cultural state of humanity right now.

I’m sick to death over the overblown need to label everything as “hate speech” and to ban words and phrases because they are offensive to baby ears Americans.

Being offended is 100% a choice. You always have a choice in how you feel and how you react to stimuli of any kind.

Words that people have been using for decades are suddenly “offensive” and “hate speech.” Retard. Faggot. The list goes on. What we conveniently ignore is context. If you ever use these words you immediately are labeled as homophobic or mentally-disabled-phobic, or some equally ridiculous shit.

Do people use these words in a hateful manner? Yes. But more often than not it’s in jest among friends or just for the sake of insulting someone. It usually has nothing to do with the person in front of you’s lifestyle, characteristics, genetic makeup, or gender.

There is so much unnecessary outrage just for show. You’re not outraged or upset. You’re bored and want to be perceived as a good person for being upset over whatever the en Vogue, taboo word of the day is.

This crusade to ban language because people are offended by how hateful it is has to fucking stop. You can’t ban words. People will find another word to replace the banned word to put into the same context that you despise.

Words don’t hurt anyone. Context does. It’s not what you say it’s what you mean by it. Think about all of the words we have used to describe groups of people that have absolutely nothing to do with what the PC term is and people know what you mean. Why? Context.

The worst part of all of this, is that people are twisting the First Amendment, claiming that just because we have freedom of speech it doesn’t mean we can say whatever we want.

Ummm, that’s exacty what it means. The First Amendment was established to protect our right to express disstenting views against the government. They cannot punish us for speaking out against them. Other than that, you can say whatever you want to whomever you want. There may be consequences, like getting punched in the mouth, but other than that, you cannot tell me that I cannot use a word because it offsends you. You get into really dangerous territory when you try to ban speech of any kind.


Let’s face facts: keyboard warriors against words and the plethora of killjoys roaming the internet are offended because they are insecure and bored. They’re so dissatisfied with their own lives that they feel the need to use social media to get as much attention as possible. Everyone is a bleeding heart for something because it makes them feel important. This is actually hilarious because I see a whole lot of people scolding their peers for saying a specific word or phrase or having an opposing opinion and then following it up with some heinous wish of death or revocation of their rights.


“ALL SEXISTS SHOULD BE STABBED IN THE EYES WITH THEIR OWN DICKS!” You know people really do act like this too. Not helping your cause when you act like this. Just sayin.

All this uproar is just a fucking rouse. It’s a distraction from feelings of inadequacy over their own lives. They take to the internet to get as much attention as possible. All you are is a self-righteous, self-important, and pathetic human.

Social media has made the world a lot smaller and given everyone a tool to be as verbose as they want. Rather than using this gift to have a constructive dialogue, we use it as a dick measuring contest over who can bold-faced-capital-letters shout over everyone else. We don’t listen to and process opinions. We stick to talking points and plan our next response.

I never ever see anyone making a rational and logical argument where they have considered all sides or even attempt to see that the person they are battling might have a made at least one reasonable point.

I affentionately call my boyfriend a retard probably more than any term of endearment. He does the same thing to me. Why do we giggle and let each other get away with this? Because of mutual understanding. We get each other and sometimes we frankly act like idiots and retards. It has nothing to do with being mentally disabled. Who really calls someone with an impairment a retard? No one who has a conscience or at least a bit of common sense. I have an uncle with a learning disability. Do you really think I’d ever call him something like that? No. But can I call someone retarded for being a little slow in the moment and it have zero to do with being disrespectful to a mentally challenged person? Yup. Plus, why don’t you juts look in the dictionary at what the words actually mean. Sometimes you’re using them in a completely contextually sound manner.

I can say any word and mean it literally. All you have to do is change the way you use a word to give it new meaning. Christ, how many meanings do we have for the words “fuck” or “dude?” Almost infinite. They mean whatever you want them to mean by how you say them.

Words don’t hurt. Words don’t stab you. Words don’t fill your heart with hate. Words don’t make you afraid of someone.

I have every right to speak in the manner I wish, and you have every right to ignore me and take your business elsewhere. It is possible to ignore someone.

When I was growing up, my parents taught me to ignore people who may have teased me because I know myself and I know what they are saying isn’t true. (Or ya know…sling back some insults if you’d like, but ignoring is the higher road to take.)

Whatever happened to ignoring? To changing the station? To unfollowing? To unfriending?

You control who you interact with. If you don’t like someone, you don’t have to deal with them. It is very easy to avoid people who don’t think or act like you when you must deliberately click to follow and search on the internet.

If you don’t like me, you never have to visit this blog again or talk to me in real life.

I have unfollowed or muted many people recently because I cannot take their overly sensitive shit. I cannot take everyone being such a joyless fuck all the time. Everyone has an incessent need to be the dissenting voice just for the sake of disagreeing. I posted a photo of a hockey player with his newborn baby nesting happily inside of the Stanley Cup and someone just had to say some shit about how “cliche” it is. Fuck off. Why can’t you just accept that someone had a happy moment and that there is a perfectly adorable baby in the picture that is small enough to fit inside a trophy? Because you’re so original in everything you do all the time?

The constant need to be the one that stands out and disagrees with everyone for the sake of disagreeing and being a miserable, cunty, son of a bitch who just wants to tell everyone around them how to live their life is unbearable. There is so much in the world to enjoy and embrace and we’re missing it because finding beauty and happiness isn’t a priority. The only priority is sitting on the internet bitching and complaining because it’s all we’re good at- bitching and complaining.

I’m not changing the way I talk or act and neither should any of you. Words don’t hurt. Context and the choice to let something bother you does. Most things that people say in the heat of the moment or in anger is just that: just something you said because you were angry. It’s not because you’re a racist, homophobe, sexist, or whatever else. It’s an innocuous comment you spewed out in the moment just to make it sting.

I am not condoning people acting hateful. That’s just shitty. But I do support everyone’s right to be as shitty a person as they wish. If you want to walk through life with hate in your heart, have at it. It’s your right to live a miserable existance and it is my right to choose to not be party to it. It’s not my place to tell you how to live. If you are that type of person, you probably only interact with people as equally shitty as you anyway. Enjoy no reasonable people liking you.

Pay attention to context and stop being so damned trigger happy over every little thing someone says and does and we’ll all get through this insanity relatively unscathed.

End rant.