Make-up Shaming

I learned tonight that there is something known as “make-up shaming.” I didn’t know this was a thing and I don’t really subscribe to these types of titles for actions. I mean, basically when it comes down to it, we’re just labeling different ways that people annoy us.

This type of annoyance has to do with criticizing a girl/lady/woman because of her make-up. It could be that she wears what you perceive as too much, or maybe too little, or you don’t like how they’ve applied it, or the worst of them all- “you don’t need make-up!”

Tonight I ran into, “you don’t need make-up.”

Well, I don’t need a Playstation 4, but I have one. I don’t need a Hunger Games cup with a rolled up mini posted of Harley Quinn from Batman on it sticking out of it sitting on my desk because I’m not sure what to do with the awesome poster yet, but I have it. I didn’t need a skinny mocha from Starbucks on Tuesday, but I got one. Okay that last one is a lie. I needed that.

But you get my point.

This all started because I posted a help request to Facebook for anyone who might be really good at applying makeup to maybe help me with some techniques. I can pull off the natural day look, but I struggle when I start getting into smoky eyes and night time looks.

Enter a barage of totally useless responses, mostly from men about how I don’t need make-up.

Yeah. I get it. But I like it.


Okay, fine. I don’t. But it’s 1. not your business or anyone elses if I choose to wear make-up and 2. If you didn’t have anything helpful to add, shut your dick trap. I had a very specific request and got only one remotely helpful response.

I understand that there is probably nothing wrong with how I look without make-up or wearing my hair my natural color instead of highlighting it or not having my nail painted. But I like those things. I enjoy the 15 minutes of “me time” that I get when I sit down to put on my make-up and I think I look nice with it on. It makes me feel good and comfortable.

Can the uber feminists who think that make-up is for weak women just trying to please men also please take a back seat and shut the fuck up?


That’s not a bad thing. I don’t feel bad about myself without make-up, but I do enjoy how I look and feel with it on, so I wear it. That’s totally 100% on me. I don’t need anyone telling me what I should or should not wear on my face, male or female. I don’t tell guys what to do to look good. Okay, another lie. I prefer it when my boyfriend has a beard. When he doesn’t, I still like his face, so I keep him around.

Maybe this is actually a good time to bring up BEARD SHAMING.

Guys- do you hate it when someone tells you that you should shave your beard or mustache? I bet that’s fucking annoying. If you want to grow a beard, you should grow a beard without anyone getting in your face about it. (Except if you can only grow something patchy or a pedostache. Just do yourself a favor and don’t.)

Don’t like it, huh? It’s the same thing as telling women to not wear make-up.


Honestly, the biggest problem I have here probably has nothing to do with make-up or beards even. It’s the fact that we have this thing called the internet and social media that are ways for us to communicate and learn and gather information and we are literally failing at it.

I asked a very specific question that I was hoping to get useful answers from. I would like help learning to better apply my make-up. So yes, I was looking for someone who is really good at it to either offer to help me out or to see if anyone I know has a favorite website or tutorial or Youtube channel that they like that could give me some sort of aid.

But when people ask for help on the internet, mostly they just get opinions from people who cannot offer help. It’s like you see a specific request and think, “I can’t help, but I sure as shit can inject my opinion on the subject and tell someone what I think they should do instead.” Or just hijack the whole thing going off on a fucking tangent. If you cannot help me with my make-up, your response amounted to this to me:

It’s a nasty trend, and you all know it.

But regardless, how I decide to dress or make myself up is my prerogative just as your personal style is yours.


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