It was only one time!

There is a series of texts that were posted to Twitter between a guy and his ex-girlfriend where she is begging forgiveness (Well not actually forgiveness. Just to continue the relationship) for cheating on him. You can view it here on imgur. But here’s a thumbnail view:

tweet ex


It’s quite honestly one of the most hilarious conversations I’ve had the privilege of reading. Dude was on it.  He responded perfectly to this girl who was babbling like a brainless idiot. The terrible part of this is how she refuses to accept responsibility for her actions, or even really acknowledge how fucked up it was of her to cheat on him.

She didn’t even deserve the amazing set of gifs and photos that he sent her, but they’re so perfect and witty it makes this break-up the most beautiful end to a  bad  situation.

The most heinous part of this though, is that this is typical behavior for a lot of shitbag cheaters.

1. Does not assume responsibility
The twat never EVER once says that she is sorry or wrong or that she fucked up or anything that remotely resembles an apology, much less takes ownership of what she did. If you’re going to cheat, you better own that shit if you have ANY hope of saving your relationship.

“Look, I know I fucked up. I’m sorry I hurt you. I was selfish and I lied and it was wrong and I hope that you will give me a second chance to earn your trust back. I understand if you need time to think about it and I’ll understand if you decide not to move forward, but I really would appreciate a second chance.”

Something like that is a start. It doesn’t make up for what you did in the least, but at least admit that you were a fucking bag of dicks and cheated on your significant other. At least pretend that you give a damn.

2. Never admits that they don’t give a damn.

I don’t know in what world cheating is a sign that you love someone.

“I tripped and fell and landed inside someone else and it made me realize that I love you and you’re the only one for me!”

I’ve heard all of the excuses for what leads people to cheat, and in my heart of hearts I don’t believe for a second that you whole heartedly care about the person you cheated on. Anything worth saving and worth working on as people grow and change isn’t worth cheating and then giving some excuse about how you were growing apart or felt neglected.

Believe me. I’ve felt unloved and neglected and like I didn’t matter. But not enough to cheat. No matter how bad it got. I’ve craved attention but I’ve never felt like pulling the trigger to cheat was the answer.


And being on a break doesn’t give you the freedom to run around wild fucking anything that moves until you sort shit out. It’s just taking some time to yourself to remove yourself from the situation, breathe for a few days and figure out what you want. It is okay to do that. Sometimes life is stressful and your head gets cluttered and you need to remove yourself from situations to clear your head and come back down to earth.

I don’t care how shitty your relationship is. Fucking pull the plug or do something about it to make a positive change in the right direction together.

3. Deflect Deflect Deflect!

This girl talks about how he’s the sweetest, cutest guy in the world and then proceeds over and over again to call him names and act like he’s the asshole in all of this. She acts like he is the one being unreasonable.

“I’m not mad at you or anything!”

Why the fuck would you be mad at him???? YOU HAD SEX WITH SOMEONE ELSE. Not just any random person, either. You went full retard and slept with your boyfriend’s best friend.

If you get toe up at a party and sleep with some random while you’re black out drunk, you might have a chance to come back from that. But when you start fucking people you know, just shove your head up your ass and waddle away in shame.

Putting the blame on the other person won’t get you anywhere either. You cannot justify what you did by talking about how you were mad and made a mistake or how they made you feel so terrible that they pushed you to do it. “I swear, baby. Your lack of attention threw me head first into her pussy. But I forgive you! We were meant to be!”

Seriously…Head. Ass. Waddle.

4. Downplays the severity of the situation

There is major downplaying here. She acts like fucking someone else once is just NBD. Uhhhh, I don’t think you comprehend the precarious position you’ve put yourself in.

one time

One time. Ten times. You’ve broken trust and once trust is broken, it is very, very hard to get back.

It’s not even only about breaking trust. You were unfaithful. You lied. You were selfish. You broke this relationship for some dick.

Cheating is just about as selfish as you can fucking get. When you’re fucking someone else or texting someone else or confiding emotionally in someone else and hiding it from your boyfriend, girlfriend, husband, wife, whatever- you’re crossing into dangerous territory.

Telling someone they are acting like an asshole for being pissed off that you fucked their friend and then telling them that you are meant for eachother is the epitome of selfish. You don’t have any fucking clue in your feeble little mind what it means to love someone.

Name me one time in history that cheating has ever been a proclamation of undying love and dovotion?


If you’re going to cheat ladies and gentlemen, just admit that you’re a piece of shit and maybe you can save some shred of your dignity (if you had any to begin with) and your relationship.

But don’t count on it.


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