The Magazines are Bullshit

By Rachel

Cosmopolitan Magazine is bullshit. I think around age 25 is when you first start to realize that “The Bible,” is nothing more than a 150 pages of propaganda and lies. If you’ve read one issue of Cosmo, you’ve read them all. Dick sucking tips that most men wouldn’t want you to try, pages full of outfits and accessories for a “woman on a budget” that aren’t the least bit affordable, and pictures of size zero models that are supposed to represent you.

Has your boyfriend ever asked you to put a scrunchie around his cock? Yeah. That’s what I thought.

Let’s rewind.

Today, I saw this posted on the almighty book of faces. (It’s the most accurate place to receive news, right?)


Plus sized? I didn’t think this could be real. So I dug around. I found this. Browse through the photos. Here is another example:


Can I be totally honest with you for a minute? The size and shape she is in this photo is the size and shape I was the summer before I had my son. Size 10. Had no issue wearing a bikini instead of a tankini, shopped in the juniors section still. I didn’t consider myself plus sized. I honestly felt really good about myself and thought I looked healthy. And I was healthy. I weighed about 165 pounds or so and I was content to stay at about that size.

The point of all this is that calling this clearly beautiful woman “plus size” is part of the reason that women suffer from body dismorphia. All this talk about “thigh gap” and calling this curvy, but very pretty woman “plus size” makes reaching your goals seem even more unattainable. Since when is a size 8 or 10 plus sized?

Can’t she just be a “model?” They put it out there that she is plus sized, making it seem like she is so brave to wear a two piece bathing suit in a magazine. It’s bullshit in the highest form. It’s an insult to really all women. We attach these extra descriptors to people that are completely unnecessary.

I have friends that are all sizes and they are beautiful. I don’t refer to them as my “skinny friends” and “plus sized” friends. They are just my friends. They are all gorgeous each in their own right, but I don’t love them because of their physical attributes.

What this added word in the headline of this photoset did achieved the opposite of what I’m sure was its good natured intent. What I’m certain Cosmo meant to do was empower women by saying that being plus sized doesn’t make you ugly. But when you attach a photo of an average sized woman with a body that most women would kill for even if they have to gain weight to attain it (yes, some skinnier girls wish they could gain weight and be more curvy), you’re sending a mixed message to your viewers.

Women who are “too skinny” are told to eat a cheeseburger and women who are curvy or overweight are sarcastically told to “have another cheeseburger.” It’s a never ending cycle of women attacking other women. rather than helping women to look past dress sizes and encourage women to accept one another and to look beyond size for what true beauty is.

Flipping through dozens of pages of women showing off their ribs followed by a page featuring a healthy looking young woman and calling her “plus size” (which let’s face it, we all read as “fat” or “overweight”) is setting women back. Cosmo doesn’t practice what they preach, and neither do many other magazines. Instead, they force images on us that seem impossible to mold ourselves into.

While trolling Cosmo’s FB page, I found this conversation. It’s about a “bullshit dating site” that is for skinny girls only. The comments are amazing.

cosmo comments

Pretty much sums up my thoughts. You display faux outrage because it caters to your audience, but in the process, you are losing because people aren’t dumb. They can see the hypocrisy simply by looking at the cover of your magazine.

If you want to see what most women consider “plus sized,” look at Forever 21’s website for their plus sized section.

Size zero, or size 18, it doesn’t matter what your size is. Cosmo isn’t going to stop being Cosmo, but we need to start being kinder to one another as women and that is the one thing we should all take away from this. Stop worrying about your friend’s thigh gap or lack thereof, and concentrate on if she is being a good friend.

And stop going to Cosmo for sex and make-up advice unless you want to get weird looks from your boyfriend (trust me, some of these positions will break the hips of even the most athletic couples) and spend $156 on a bottle of foundation. It’s for a woman on a budget!!!!!!!!!


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