It’s Not That New

By Rachel

Today is New Year’s Eve! Another year gone. Another year ahead full of opportunity to better yourself and your life.

I personally am looking forward to March. March is when traffic patterns return to normal at the gym because people have given up on their resolutions.

Is the new year really about opportunity and change though? Why do we spend so much of our time allowing the ticking of the clock and the changing of the calendar dictate our lives? Time really is a figment of our imagination. While it may have certain quantifiable properties and uses, we as humans use time as a means to measure our lives. We use it in ways that serve undeniably important purpose, but time also holds us to unattainable standards. It stresses us out.

Time is not on our side. It isn’t even real. We make it real by letting time control us.

The new year signifies a full revolution around the sun, just as the day signifies a full rotation of the Earth. We’ve placed symbolism though on the new year, saying that it is a the time for us to do everything over. Each day isn’t about resolutions. It’s about whatever you make of it.

But why the new year? Every hour of every day is an opportunity for you to turn your life around and to create happiness. We do it all year long.

“On Monday, I start getting healthy.”
“Tomorrow, I will exercise.”
“Next year, I’ll get a new job.”

Maybe maybe maybe. Tomorrow tomorrow tomorrow. Never never never.

I see every New Years Eve, people bidding farewell to another year and desperately clinging to hope that at midnight, everything in their life will magically take a turn for the better.

The calendar does not improve your life. Only you have the power to do that by having drive and determination and by not standing in your own way. If this year was bad and the year before and the year before, maybe the problem is you. Year after year of saying that “next year will be the year” should be a sign that YOU need to make changes in your life. While some events in life are out of our control, the one thing we do have is control of how we perservere.

How do you handle tragedy? How do you handle the unexpected and unfortunate misery that life sometimes throws your way? Bad will always happen. What do you do to bring the good?

Don’t say goodbye to 2013. Learn from it and realize that as long as tomorrow comes, yesterday was a good day.

Happy New Year to everyone and create as many happy moments and opportunities for yourself each day that you possibly can.


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