Rounding the Bases

By Rachel

We tend to enjoy speaking in metaphors and euphemisms as a society, especially when it comes to sexual extracurriculars. We come up with creative and sometimes incredibly disgusting and heinous ways of describing the act of sex itself, its positions, foreplay, and everything in between. I mean, how many synonyms do we use for ejaculate, erection, and the forms of oral sex alone? More than anyone would probably care to count. Maybe I will in a future post. We’ll see.

The most important question that people have though when asking friends about a hook-up or the end result of a date is “What base did you get to?”

This question is probably as old as baseball itself. It is a completely ambiguous question though because people define the bases differently. Bases are defined individually based on perception of exactly how dirty you rank an act (or perhaps even how you wish to be perceived). First date? “Oh, he got to second, but we had a lot of drinks after the movie.” Your version of second though may be someone else’s version of third. You may know that what you did is actually more of a third base kind of act, but due to perception, you’re going to downplay what you did in your mind. No one wants to be a whore!

Evil Shero has laid out his personal definitions, giving us a male point of view (which, incase you haven’t noticed, is totally lacking from this site unless I am defending men). You can read about it here.

I’m going to explore the definitions of first, second, and third base a little bit deeper than Shero, looking at the grey areas and helping you make your own decision about how to define the “bases” of sex.

1st Base

First base is the most innocent of all bases. First base can be construed as kissing, hand holding, putting an arm around someone, or maybe an innocent smack on the behind (not like a *SMACK!* “Do you like that, baby?!” hit, but a light pat on the butt). Kissing wise, I’d say this can be open mouth, but minimal tongue usage. Very modest, not very intense in nature, but certainly not lacking passion.

THIS is NOT 1st base!


1st Base!!!

Think about your first kiss with a person. You know it is coming. It is somewhat awkward, but really sweet and will make you smile and might make your foot pop. Think the quote from the Wedding Singer: “Church tongue.”


Other people though, will define 1st base as all kissing, no matter the magnitude of saliva and tongue engagement. Some may even throw in a meager amount of groping. Not grabbing at one another’s privates and breasts, but more forceful and passionate use of arms and hands when caught in an embrace.

2nd Base

Second base is where we get a little more intense. Second base definitely involves tongue and your mouth exploring other parts of the body such as the neck, collarbone and chest area. Second base is making out in varying degrees from slow and sensual to heated passion and a bit more aggression. I’m going to say that personal opinion comes into whether or not a mouth is going to touch a nipple or whether or not breasts are even exposed at all. Are cloths on or off (or half on, maybe just shirts off)?


Groping is a certainty. If you pass 1st and make it to 2nd safely, you can collect $200 and cop a feel. Touch a boob, rub someone’s bits and pieces. Depending on what generation you are from, this occurs over the clothes but it’s more than likely that someone’s hand is slipping up your shirt and under your bra, ladies.

This is definite 2nd base!


Additionally, when you reach second base, this is where some people will insert areas of foreplay. Second base gets your as far as hand jobs and being fingered. Not everyone defines it that way though. Exposing of genitals is generally another 90 feet away. (That’s 3rd base for our non-baseball enthusiasts).

Visual Aid for Bases

3rd Base

Third base is where oral sex comes into play for certain. This is more than just use of hands to stimulate an orgasm. Mouths are involved. Nudity is almost a certainty. More exploration of one another’s bodies is coming into play and things are more likely to get sweaty and intense. Climax is a pretty good guarantee.

Question though… Is 69 3rd base or a home run? Third base is just as open to interpretation as any other base. There are some acts that may be reserved for home. Use of toys (dildos, vibrators, etc) and other acts that start getting a bit dirtier are home in some books, even if there is no vaginal penetration with an actual dick. What if a guy doesn’t penetrate, but rubs his cock on your clit or between your breasts?

See? This isn’t just regular foreplay or a run on the mill blowjob. You’re in a new arena of intimacy. So where do you draw the line and consider yourself touching home?


The end all, be all of the bases is home. This is where you score. (Insert Beavis screaming “We’re never gonna score!”)

There is no doubt about it that home plate is sex. Vaginal, anal, whatever and all other acts of fuckery aforementioned and beyond.

There is more to sex than the basics. It isn’t as cut and dry as kissing, handjobs, oral sex, and intercourse. Over the years, the defining the bases has evolved as we become more openly sexual and more adventurous.

Whatever your definition, sex is to be enjoyed. Make sure it’s consensual. Make sure your partner is comfortable. Communicate. Wrap it up. Be safe! But HAVE FUN!

Keep a lid on it 😉


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