Leave It On

The number one complaint that women have about lingerie is “Why would I spend all that money on something that will be on the floor in two seconds?”

Tsk, tsk, tsk, ladies. Why is that beautiful garment on the floor? On top of the fact that there are plenty of awesome websites that have great sales and quality lingerie out there! Forget Victoria’s Secret! They are NOT the single authority in sexy!

We’re doing this lingerie thing all wrong, ladies. You paid to look sexy, so wear the damn thing! Lingerie isn’t meant to be in a crumpled up heap on the floor. Like a new pair of shoes, lingerie is meant to be out and having a good time! You wouldn’t buy a pair of Jimmy Choos and leave them in your  closet, would you? Hell no! Those shoes are meant to live a scandalous life, and so are your undergarments. There is a method to pulling off lingerie and making your sexual escapade worth the price of the fabric.

This is from Fredericks. It’s inexpensive. It’s hot. It is something that will look good on anyone!

Step 1: Picking out something to wear

The key to picking out lingerie and showing it off is to pick something that you are comfortable in. Soft fabrics that move with you so that you don’t feel too restricted or tangled. If you are uncomfortable, this is going to be a miserable experience for you.  My best advice is to avoid anything overly complicated with tying or anything spandex. You want something that is easy access and pretty/erotic, but if you’re going to have a good time, you don’t want to be afraid of moving or getting stuck in the thing forever.

Babydolls and corsets are the safest things you can choose. Babydolls come in so many styles and variations that you’ll have great variety to choose from. Corsets (adding thigh highs and garter belts are a bonus here) can also be extremely comfortable and easy to get in and out of.

Where should you be shopping for lingerie? If Victoria’s Secret doesn’t have anything in your price or size range, head to the Fredericks of Hollywood website. They have awesome sales and a lot of sexy stuff that is classy and not complicated or overly kinky. The other site I will point you to is Lingerie Diva. This site you need to weed through, but they have a better size and price range than most and the most variety. So if you want something that will just make you feel gorgeous and chic, you can find that. If you are into something a bit more hardcore, well you can find that too.

Step 2: Taking it up a notch

Right now is a good time to discuss accessorizing. High heels. Strappy ones that will stay put are preferred. Knee high boots are killer depending on what is going on on top. Try them out. The best advice I can give here is to use your best judgement. If you are wearing a babydoll, boots are probably not going to go like they would with a corset.

Don’t overdo it on jewelry. You’re just adding stuff that is getting in the way. You want your body as exposed as possible without choking to death on a necklace that got tangled in the ties around your neck from whatever you are wearing.

Hair is equally as important. Don’t pull it back into a ponytail or a severe bun. Let it flow free. Keep a clip or a ponytail holder around if it is something that becomes necessary during sex, but for the most part, you are going for desirable here, so let yourself be relaxed and free.

Step 3: Attitude

Know that you look good and own it. If you are self conscious, your man will know. Sexiness isn’t just about looks. It is about your confidence and how you feel about yourself and how that comes across. Laughing and smiling are just as sexy as how he feels about you if you’re on top, so seriously, relax  and let yourself have some fun and enjoy this moment!

Step 4: Showing it off and keeping it on!

You worked to look good in  lingerie, so DO NOT LET IT GO TO WASTE! It is tempting in the throws of passion to abandon all clothing and just go for skin on skin. Resist. This. Urge. Don’t do it. I mean it. Do. Not. Do. It.

First of all, take the opportunity to let him soak in the view. Watch his reaction because I promise you your confidence is about to sky rocket. Then, move into foreplay. Don’t skip right to sex. Whatever works for you and your man, do it. Let that anticipation build and keep the damned lingerie on! Don’t let him take it off…not all of it.

Depending on the style of what you are wearing, you can take pieces of it off. Like if you are wearing something that ties around your neck, untie it and let the top hang. Move panties aside for access if you have them on. Hike up the skirt. Move the top aside to let your breasts out. You have options. But at the same time, you are doing the most important thing of all: You are still leaving something to the imagination and that is one of the sexiest things you can do.

Seriously. So many women I talk to complain about lingerie not staying on long enough. I don’t even care what I may have revealed here. I’m helping you. I’m helping the men. And even if you’re not wearing lingerie, keep your dress on. Keep your top on. Naked isn’t exciting single every time. You’ve seen it. Be spontaneous and leave a little something on now and then!


8 thoughts on “Leave It On

  1. Good article. Years ago I began purchasing lingerie for my Wife – classic pretty and comfortable things. Chemises to long gowns and she insisted on wearing panties so I discovered Tap Panties. Turns out she felt more comfortable making love wearing lingerie than not wearing it so finding appropriate things helped. I NEVER take off her lingerie as we make love. I find things like tap panties that provide access and teddies but even with a panty girdle I can gain access and we enjoy it. We like teddies and I buy ones that unsnap or unhook and I am quite good at doing this so they work well. She likes the modesty but we enjoy the sex so much we gradually increased things to once each day and she dresses for bed EVERY night in lingerie that I purchase but which she picks out in the afternoon to wear to bed that night. She has quite a wardrobe and I keep adding to it.

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