That’s Trolling?

By Rachel

Trolling (verb) 1. The art of deliberately, cleverly, and secretly pissing people off, usually via the internet, using dialogue.
2. To play someone, mess with someone, joke around, etc.
3. To display and/or do/give the intention of controlling, “owning”, defeating, etc.
4. To inflict rage upon; To go on a rage spree; To anger someone
(via Urban Dictionary)

I’d like to redefine this term to “Sitting on the internet acting like a dick.”

Remember when you used to just act like a massive cocksucker? That’s trolling. Only now, because of the internet, we came up with this new, politically correct word to describe every day actions. This synonym for “acting like a dick” has made it socially acceptable to well…act like a dick.

Trolling that occurs on the internet is mostly consequence free. Someone may make some remarks back at you, shout at you via their caps lock key, or even punish you with the ever controversial “unfollow”, “block”, or “mute”.

For example: People in Pittsburgh love to troll Mark Madden on Twitter. This is totally justifiable at times because the dude acts like an insufferable cunt 90% of the time. However, we are all faced with the choice of feeding into him, which consequently makes him act like an even bigger douchebag because he has to raise the stakes, or we could just all ignore him until he becomes irrelevant.

But lobbing insults, sarcasm, and passive aggressive commentary at him is all the more enjoyable.

I have seen some people spend the better part of their days and weeks just trolling everyone that they have an ax to grind with, regardless if it is logical or not or if that person even did anything to justify such outrage. Some internet trolls will do it just because they can. You never did anything to cause them personal harm or mental collapse. They just don’t agree with you so instead of either having an intelligent debate or ignoring you, they will dedicate hours to trolling your time line or the comments section of your blog with utter nonsense.

If you took some internet trolls out onto the street, let’d just be another asshole that nobody likes. They’d be the guy who bullied everyone in high school or that twat from school that was a massive bitch to everyone. Basically, you’re a real life Regina George.

Here is real life trolling in action:

I am just as guilty as the next person of trolling from time to time, but I am totally aware that I am acting like an ass. Sometimes trolling is funny, but some people just elevate this act to an unfathomable level. You’re basically just another internet tough guy.

Let’s just get back to being honest with ourselves and recognize that changing what something is called doesn’t always give you a license to act like a tool. Go out in public and act how you do online if you are a career troll, then come back and tell us all how many friends you have.


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