What’s Under Your Clothes?

By Rachel

Panties. God, I love panties. I think most women appreciate the zen feeling of shopping for new under garments. Honestly, bra shopping can be just a royal pain in the ass. But shopping for panties is fun. It’s a treat for yourself.

Shopping for things like bras and jeans and even dresses  can be depressing. Being a woman who is curvy is a blessing and a curse. I love my curves. Curves are sexy, feminine, and give me some character. But trying to find the perfect pair of jeans or the right shaped dress or a bra that fits me just right and keeps the girls up where they belong is an adventure that can be stressful and heartbreaking.

Seriously. There is no more depressing place in the universe than a dressing room. You walk in with an armload of clothes and the gamble of walking out with a smile on your face…well…my odds at roulette are probably greater some days. Not to say that I don’t have happy shopping trips, but let’s face it ladies. Body shapes can seriously hinder your progress in shopping.

Panties and lingerie though just always fit. You always find something pretty that will make you smile and feel elated when you put it on.

I am very anti granny panties. There are no period panties or laundry day panties. I go for pretty and comfortable. Some are more practical for working out, but in general, I keep it all sassy or close to.

Every woman should have a panty drawer that doesn’t make them cringe. You need variety: sexy, fun, cute, and something a little scandalous.

Here are some panties that every woman should own:

1. Lace Boy Shorts

They are sexy, comfortable, work under all forms of clothing.


2. White Cotton Panties

You NEED a pair of white cotton panties for when you are wearing light colors, but seriously. You don’t need granny panties. Get a nice cut. Bikini is a classic cut and should work well.


3. Black. Black. Black.

Need  I say more?


4. Something Cute

Something like this is fun and acceptable no matter what your age!




5. Anything Lacey

Lace is feminine and comfortable. It can be the whole panty, or just the trim. But make sure you have some.


6. Satin and Silk

Soft, cool materials just feel good. Get some satin and/or silk into your underwear drawer! They look great under your clothes as well!



Keep your panties drawer alive and interesting. When you open your drawer it should look interesting, colorful, and fun. It isn’t for him. This is for you. What is going on under your clothes is your sexy secret!

This is a panty drawer that is quite acceptable!


2 thoughts on “What’s Under Your Clothes?

  1. Totally agree! Any time I need a pick-me-up, going panty shopping brightens my day and makes me feel cute. I think I have about 80 in my drawer right now of all different styles, prints, and fabrics. Working at Victoria’s Secret definitely helps. And after reading this, I fell in love with those cherry panties, tracked them down, and bought them! So thanks! Wish that Playful Promises panty under your Satin and Silk example was still around.

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