I (Almost) Got Away With It

By Rachel

Why do men and women think they can pull shady stunts on their significant others and get away with it? You eventually will get caught. We’re human. Eventually some evidence is going to turn up.

Example: My worst ex ever was horrible at hiding evidence that he was cheating. He mysteriously was always just staying at a friend’s house because he was too drunk to come home. There was a Post-It with some chick’s phone number on it in the cup holder of his car. He said she was a client from work. Really? She was texting him off the hook. One day he left for work and a dating site was up on the computer with messages about meeting up over lunch to fuck some girl.

Fucking idiot. Mind you- when I confronted him this was all MY fault and I was psychotic and should mind my own business and I deserved all of this. Okay, you fucking mental case.

Anyway, ladies and gentlemen, why bother? I get that the thrill of the danger of getting caught is such a rush, but you are giving absolutely no regard toward the person you are hurting and that makes you a total fuck.

Have you ever stayed with someone way past the expiration date of the relationship because you “felt bad” and didn’t want to hurt their feelings? So staying longer and prolonging the inevitable instead of just getting it over with so that the other person can start to move on is the wrong and cruel thing to do?

Honesty is the best policy. If you are talking to/dating someone but you aren’t exclusive and still are or want to see other people, just say it. Don’t do it behind their back and then get caught because you send a text to the wrong person or slip up on social media.

Do  you guys remember what bullshit Myspace was? Man…how many relationships went down in flames because of shit that happened on Myspace? Guys accepting friend requests from girls just because they were hot. People posting shit on each other’s pages that was blatantly inappropriate and wrong. Significant others logging into each other’s pages and finding out how many other people their guy/girl were getting attention from.

Now we have Facebook and Twitter. Twitter I am slowly finding out is a hot bed for guys and girls throwing caution to the wind. I wish I could count how many guys have asked me out on Twitter. When dudes start DMing girls, there is usually a very specific reason. I’ve had a guy openly talk about how he was fighting with his girlfriend (whom was in his avatar with him) and then DM me  not ten minutes later and tell me how pretty I am and then ask me to a Pens game. Oh, but it was “just as friends.” Yeah, dude. I’m totally sure that is the case seeing as how this is the first time you’ve ever spoken to me.

Another guy used to openly flirt with me and try to meet up with me at Pens games and he had a girlfriend. It was always about how beautiful I was. I ran into him at a gas station once and his girlfriend was there. As soon as she stepped away he started gushing over me. You asshole. She is like ten feet away. How dare you disrespect her like that?

We are in the age of the Internet Player. Anyone with enough followers thinks they are hot shit and go into complete attention whore mode. You don’t like the girl/guy because they are a good person. You just like the attention you get when you are sitting at home bored out of your skull. So it starts with innocent flirtation and moves to texting and then eventually they’ll get bored of you and move on to the next person. They’ll be back though when they are starving for someone to flirt with them.

I’m not just bagging on guys here. Women are just as guilty. But just know: People talk. We all talk. When something doesn’t add up, we’ll figure it out. The world is a much smaller place because of the internet. You never know who is watching, who is talking, and who knows someone you know.

Stop playing games. Stop lying. Grow up. And then maybe we can all get what we want.


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