Hands in Your Pants

By Rachel

I’m totally going to bat for the men this week.

Just as much as I am tired of hearing from women about how awful men who watch porn are, I am equally as disturbed by this guy:

“I know! They are so pathetic, locked up in their mom’s basement masturbating to probably gay porn.”

*Raises an eyebrow* That is your go-to in trying to impress a woman who is unimpressed by men who watch porn? Either you are a saint or a liar, but I am leaning more toward liar. Self-righteousness doesn’t look good on anyone.

I know that not all men watch porn and that is okay and normal, but let’s be honest: It doesn’t make you better than any other men.

Masturbation is perfectly natural and healthy and fronting like you never have touched your own penis is being dishonest. Some men may not fondle themselves on the regular, and that is fine as well. But can we please stop trying to impress women by saying that you don’t? Just stay out of the conversation if all you have to add to it is bloviating about what a prize you are because you don’t like to stroke your cock a few times a week (or day if  that is your will).

You are NOT better than the rest of the male population because you don’t like having private, sexy time- or because you love to lie about it. Either way, you come off sounding like a tremendous ignoramus when you do this. Stop. Breathe.

Do you think it is pathetic and repulsive when a woman masturbates? Or do you find it erotic and a turn on? *Checking my watch* I’ll wait while you Google that and make a decision and then come back and lie or bring up some sordid double standard or stereotype.

The other thing I hear (read) across the open world of social media is men complaining that they are single and don’t get how all of these other guys who like to get themselves off and watch porn and take home randoms from the bar find women. Has it occurred to you that much like the women from my blog “All the Good Guys” that when you talk down on your gender and try to prop yourself up by beating others down that you just come off as jealous, desperate, and bitter?

You seem like you have zero confidence and people are attracted to a certain degree of confidence. Instead of focusing on what other people are or aren’t doing, take some time for self-reflection and think about what you bring to the table that doesn’t involve your penchant for neglecting your carnal instincts. Hey, maybe if you didn’t hold in all of your stress by ignoring your dick, you wouldn’t be so uptight? Just a thought.

Anyway, guys. Lighten up. You don’t like it when women tear each other to shreds, so don’t do the same thing to other guys. You have plenty of amazing qualities that a woman will want. Put your focus there and not on petty differences between you and guys who act like well…guys.


3 thoughts on “Hands in Your Pants

  1. First off..the cat pic was a laugh fest all in itself…But the lady masturbation pic just sent me over the edge…Not THAT edge(masturbation joke..haha)..

    Secondly..a FEW times a day??…No way…I mean,I’m sure some guys do but I don’t..I’d just feel guilty doing it that much..like I’m taking advantage of myself(literally)…I don’t even do it in the day time…Something about doing it in the day time feels,I don’t know,wrong…Like,I don’t look down on those that do..but its just not for me..

    Lastly…Guys..come on now..are we still lying about this??…I said this a couple weeks ago when the topic came up…Guys you have a penis..therefore,you masturbate..plain and simple…You may not do it all the time..but it happens..quit lying about it..

    Another great blog,by the way..

    • Thanks, buddy 🙂 I am having fun writing on this blog while it is hockey off season. Something different from my sports blog! A lot more creative freedom so to speak since I keep High Heels & Hockey professional.

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