All the Good Guys

By Rachel

I’ll just come right out and say it. I’m pretty damned sick of hearing women my age make the following complaints:

“All the good guys are gay or taken.”

“Guys only want whores, not normal women.”

“She’s going to be fat and ugly when she is older, he should be with me.”

Settle your loins down, ladies. Absolutely NOTHING could be farther from the truth. There are BILLIONS of people on this planet. It is statistically impossible that there isn’t a living soul out there that is good for you and within a pretty close proximity at that.

Let’s do a quick review of Psych 101: People are typically drawn to people of equal levels of attractiveness. This goes for sexual attraction as well as in friendships and other companions. It is a subconscious attempt at obtaining comfort with another person. So when a strikingly beautiful woman has a guy who looks like he walked out of an Abercrombie catalog on her arm, don’t act all appalled.

Parenthetically, you may also want to stop getting your panties in a twist over “fat, ugly” girls who are engaged or married. “Oh my GAWD!!! How is SHE married and I’m not?”

*Sniffle* “Let me obsess over that guy that loves that woman for awhile instead of going after someone else.”

Could it be because you are acting like a jealous and quite frankly heinous bitch? So people who are overweight don’t deserve to be happy if you have to be miserable? Check yourself, girl. That attitude wins you zero positive attention from potential male suitors. No one likes a catty little shrew.

Just the same as it is possible for the “less attractive” to find love because they are good and kind hearted people, it is possible for attractive women to also be intelligent, kind, and an overall good mate. Being pretty doesn’t make you useless. It just makes you pretty, so let’s ditch this preconceived notion that all gorgeous girls are whores, mmmkay? (Did you also know that the more you enjoy a person’s personality the more physically attractive they begin to become to you? Not every guy has to be a “10” to be sexy!)

Two examples: I know two couples (one married, one engaged). The one couple are your stereotypical beautiful couple. And they are two of the nicest people I know. Really fun, down to earth people. The other are not the most attractive in the world, but they are so cute together and love and appreciate one another just as much as the other couple. Why don’t both of those couples deserve to be happy just because you haven’t found Mr. Right?

I promise you. There are so many good guys out there- but society dictates that we go after the best looking.

What have we learned about Ryan Lochte the past two weeks? We have learned that he is GORGEOUS, has a totally fuckable bod, eyes that kill, and would be the best arm candy around- and he is dumb as a post. Looks and success aside, he could be a really great boyfriend, but do you have anything to talk about with him?

Oh, you don’t? Then stop acting all pissy when you find out he is probably tagging half of the Olympic Village.

You’re overlooking the great guys you can have because you are too busy complaining about all of the guys that you can’t have because they are taken or not interested. Guy not interested in you? Fuck’em. You never had him to begin with so slap a genuine smile on your face and on to the next!

I have dated a lot of guys. Some were complete ass clowns, but some were great guys.

“If they were so great, why aren’t you still with one of them?”

Okay, smart shits, it is because they were great guys, but not the right guys for me. One of them might be the right guy for YOU though! I’d happily give you a referral. They just weren’t my cup of tea for one reason or another. That doesn’t mean they aren’t dateable or nice people though. It just wasn’t all the way there on my end or maybe even their end.

And honestly, if you see two attractive people together who are acting like idiots (the guy being all douchey and the girl being an airhead), then why are you jealous over that anyway? Let them have each other!


5 thoughts on “All the Good Guys

  1. lol…interesting I run into this right after I blogged on the exact topic. I came to a slightly different conclusion that its actually not as readily available as I initially thought. But many of the single middle aged women do seem to want it all. Good post with different perspective 🙂

    • I will be sure to check out your blog today. I’d love to see the other side of it! I have a few other posts around here on the subject as well and on how a guy can find a nice woman!

      • oh that is funny! I started a blog about my middle aged buddy who happens to be single. I was surprised by how many women blasted him for not being normal…lol. My next step was to try and justify that he IS normal, in comparison to what else is out there…lol. I’ll snoop around your blog and see if I can find some good tips for my buddy, Big Ben 🙂

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