The Fear of Living

By Rachel

I am assuming that if you are reading this, that you are aware of the tragedy that occurred in Aurora, Colorado last night. The response has been fairly appropriate: overwhelming sorrow and grief. But then there is the obvious mainstream media political agenda and the never-ended right to bear arms debate and gun control and such.

I am not here today to talk about any of that. It does zero justice to what happened last night. People were killed and injured. Innocent men, women, and children who were out trying to enjoy their evening.

What I want to talk about is the fact that I saw people saying things like “Oh great, now I have to be afraid to go to the movies.”

No. You don’t.

After 9-11, I wasn’t afraid to fly. Why? Because nobody is going to stop me from living. The most rational fear I should actually have is being in a car accident. The odds of that are far greater than my being on a high-jacked plane. And to be perfectly logical, if the terrorist organization already used the fly planes into buildings tactic, they likely aren’t going to do that again. The next attack will be by some other method.

Look, as much as the government, etc. want to say that they can keep us all safe by tightening down security, etc. they can’t. Why? Because there will always be lunatics in this world and they will always find a way to do evil unto the innocent by whatever means necessary. That cannot and will not ever change.

But living in fear keeps you from living. Should I be afraid to walk into a 7-11 to buy a pack of gum and an Arizona green tea just because 7-11’s have been held up before? Should I never go to work again because I work for a bank and banks get robbed sometimes? Should I never ride the Thunderbolt at Kennywood again because there was an accident on the ride a few years ago? Should I never drive again because I have been in an accident?

Absolutely not.

I am going to see Batman at 6:30 tonight with my son, my parents, and my brother. NOT going does one thing: it lets the bad guy win.

Don’t ever stop living. The people who sadly were murdered today would not want anyone to be fearful of enjoying life, I am quite sure.

My heart and thoughts are with all of the victims and their families today.


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