Invasion of the Internet Whores

By Rachel

The Internet: Women and young girls are doing it wrong.

In the past few months, I have cringed and been appalled more times than I care to count over how girls act on social media. The Internet is nothing more than a contest for some girls over who is the hottest and how many guys think they are the hottest. It’s fucking embarrassing.

Twitter is my favorite form of social media. I choose who I wish to engage based on our shared interests and have honestly met a ton of really awesome people because of it. Some of these people and I have become friends outside of the Twittersphere and I’m so happy to have them in my life. Meeting people at my age with my schedule isn’t easy. So now whether it is sitting on the couch late at night after my son is in bed chatting with some people on Twitter about whatever is on tv or tweeting about my blog while I am bored on the bus on my way home from work, it has served as a valuable network for both pleasure and business.

I have a lot of followers on my personal account. I don’t know why to be quite honest. In fact, it freaks me out a bit that THAT many people care at all what I have to say throughout the day in the slightest. But one thing I didn’t have to do to get that many followers was beg for them or offer incentive- like my body.

Recently, it seems that in order to get followers, the cool thing to do is offer naked pictures  and bikini pictures for followers and to post your phone number out in the public for every psycho to see. To each their own, but honestly, no one wants to see your ass hanging out from beneath your hockey jersey as much as you believe they do!

This of course is all followed by complaining about how you can’t find a nice guy and how freaks are talking to you and how you don’t understand why people think you are a slut and then more complaints about how you aren’t that pretty but wow! All these guys just love you!

Really? Guys are seriously falling for this whole movement. “Tee hee! If you follow me you get yoga pants pics!!!!”

Women who are disgusted by this are labelled by guys as “ugly, fat, and jealous.” No. We’re not ugly, fat, and jealous. We’re disgusted because men are constantly complaining how they can’t find a quality women  but every guy on the Internet RUNS to fawn over these whores and shower them with compliments and requests for dates. (Hi! Do you see us? We’re over here with our clothes on!)  You played right into the bitch’s hand.

What happened to just watching the abundance of free porn to get your jollies?

Now the saddest part of this all, is the guys falling into this trap are the same geniuses who complain that they can’t find a good woman. You complain you can’t find a good woman, but you went after this:

Now, girls are having pissing contests. “No! I’m hotter! More guys want me!” “No! You bitch! More guys think I’m hot!”

No, you fucking whores. Guys think you are a joke and they want to see how far they can get you to go so they can laugh at you behind your back about what a dumb whore you are. Girls think you’re a bunch of fucking assholes because you make the rest of us look like brainless twats.

THAT, ladies, is the cold, hard truth.

It’s a vicious circle of moronic men and equally as banal and obtuse women going at it, both complaining that they can’t find something quality but they approach it from the complete wrong angle. Girls desperate for attention any way they can get it, and guys desperate for a piece of ass, and they don’t care who it is as long as she comes packaged like a blowup doll.

Sit down. Shut up. Conduct yourself with a little dignity and maybe we can all find a guy/lady that will treat us nice. In the meantime, if you can’t control yourself, there is a pole at Cheerleaders with your name on it. Make some money while you flash your coochie. It’s more respectable if it’s your job. For now, you’re nothing but a cheap piece of trash.


2 thoughts on “Invasion of the Internet Whores

  1. I hate when I post pictures of myself in my bra and panties and guys just comment on my boobs. Like, I have a mind, you know. The nerve.

  2. Couldn’t agree more! Not really a fan of social media, however I have become dependent on Facebook to schedule many events… Almost a necessary evil now.

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