The Starving Male

By Rachel

Everyone knows an attention whore. Someone who cannot survive without all eyes on her and must be the center of everyone’s world at all times. Narcissistic, selfish, petty, and dramatic…but most off all- insecure.

Attention whores are usually associated with the subject being female, however, male attention whores are alive and well! And I may know the biggest of them all.

Insecurity can be ugly and most people don’t wear it well. Least of all this one guy I “know.” Last year, a guy who spoke to me often on a sports forum sent me a Facebook invite.  I wasn’t sure how I felt about him, but I had added another person that I did enjoy talking with very much from the same forum so I decided to just accept the invite since it seemed everyone was beginning to exchange.

Immediately, the inappropriateness bubbled to the surface. “You’re so cute. You’re smile is gorgeous.” Since this is the internet, I fired back, “I don’t think your girlfriend would appreciate you talking to me this way.” Hi. This is Facebook. It says you are in a relationship!

Then, this: “Well, we are practically broken up.” Hmmm… the last time I checked “practically broken up” was the same thing as “not single.” You either are together or you’re not. I will NEVER be that girl. Don’t even try it.

His timeline was constantly flooded with ignorant political babble and he had zero ability told hold an adult conversation. Everything was about him taking up whatever-the-fuck cause of the moment and beating it into the ground and taking down everyone who didn’t agree with him.

Hmmm… Cheater doesn’t look good on you. Shameless flirt doesn’t look good on you. Neither does self-righteous son of a bitch. You’re wearing thin on me.

So I decided to un-friend him. So what is the next step? Bothering one of my friends about me. “Well why did she unfriend me? Why doesn’t she come around anymore?” Ugh. You are so annoying. Am I the only female who has ever rejected you?

So, eventually came the Twitter stalking. Copying me on every single fucking “Please RT my cause!” tweet. “Please retweet! There is a sick kid somewhere and only trending on Twitter will save him!” I’m not saying this to be heartless, but I really don’t care to trend sick people over Twitter. I don’t see where this helps them. You want to do them some good? Keep some positive thoughts in their favor or organize a benefit or something. But bombarding me with whatever it is you feel like touting so as to appear to be a good person doesn’t make you look like a good person. It makes you look like you’re trying too hard. “I’m a sensitive male! I care about women’s rights, people with cancer, puppies dying in mills, and saving unicorns!”

I wouldn’t RT anything. I don’t parade around other people’s causes, especially when they don’t actually put forth any sort of sincerity in their actions.

Next came “Follow me back. Follow me back! Come on! #Followback.” Dude, I deleted you from my Facebook because frankly, I don’t like you. You’re an obnoxious, pathetic excuse of a man. Why do I want you back in my timeline elsewhere on the internet clogging it with what a monster of an excuse of a woman I am because I am pro-life? Sorry. Been there. Saw that. Don’t care to read it. (I’m also an abomination of a woman because I have tattoos!)

I am not the only person he has done this to. He cannot handle rejection and instead finds a way to get in your face anyway he possibly can. Has it occurred to you that you are completely overbearing, immature, impossible to hold a calm discussion with, and on top of it all, are a hypocrite? The same man beating “women’s rights” to a bloody pulp decides to try and pick up other girls on the internet as soon as his relationship is in trouble? You’re so insecure you are trying to set something else up before you end your other relationship because you can’t be alone and you cannot be rejected!

It’s quite pathetic.

Insecurity does crazy things to people and honestly, if you cannot conduct yourself in composed manner at any point in your day for any reason then why would I give you the attention you so desperately desire?

Take your act elsewhere. No one here is buying it.


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