Same Sex Crushes

By Rachel

Same sex attraction is nothing new to this world. Most humans know when another human meets their standard of attractiveness, be it their own gender or the opposing. Does this make you a homosexual? Certainly not. It simply makes you human.

The phenomenon of same sex “crushes” has many implications and definitions. It is not as cut and dry as “I’d go gay for so-and-so” or “If I were a dude/girl, I’d hit it.” That’s not what this means. Is that one of the ways to view it? Certainly.

Same sex crushes are far more prevalent in females. Why? Because females are typically more comfortable with their sexuality and appreciative of the beauty of our gender. We admire the bodies of other women. It is a part of our culture where the women we idolize and look up to are bred to society’s specifications of what is beautiful and what the media dictates that men want in a woman.

It does not make me a lesbian to look at a woman and say, “Wow. She has incredible breasts.” Why? Because she probably does! There is no shame in admitting that. Chances are, there is something about her that I wish I could say the same for myself whether it is a bodacious rack, pouty lips, gorgeous hair, or nice arms. It is something that you want to emulate.

Look at the Britney Spears, My Prerogative video:

Britney isn’t rolling around in that bed for guys. She’s isn’t dancing on stage in concert in lingerie for guys. Her audience is female. That is her target audience. Britney wants her female fans to say, “Oh my Jesus. The next time I’m alone with a man, THAT is what I want to be. That is what I want him to see in the bedroom (or living room, dining room, kitchen floor…). That is how I want to appear.”

Guys in action movies? Matt Damon, Mark Wahlberg, George Clooney, Daniel Craig… they’re not muscled up and sweaty and dirty and oh so sexy run and gunning around for women. That’s for the men. That’s for men to watch and put themselves in that place where they destroy a room full of terrorists and then hook up with some sultry, Russian babe.

Same sex crushes are more than just the physical attraction aspect of viewing a person. It is also an admiration of who that person is and what they represent.

To begin, let’s explore my top 3 girl crushes:

1. Emma  Stone
The first time I saw Emma Stone was in  Super Bad. She played this incredibly laid back girl and she is naturally beautiful. I identified with her character’s personality a bit. As I saw her in more movies, like Easy A (which I LOVE), it was more apparent why I adore Emma Stone: She’s funny, she has natural beauty, she’s talented, and she is overall very likable. She isn’t a celebrity that you cringe or roll your eyes when they are on a magazine cover or on a late night talk show. She is someone that you want to be in the public eye. Down to earth and you can relate to her. There is plenty to love about Emma Stone besides her striking eyes and smile.

2. Jennifer Aniston
Ever since the first episode of Friends, Jennifer Aniston has been my favorite actress. I think she is the absolute most gorgeous woman on the planet. She’s sexy but not in a made-up, plastic, cookie cutter way. She is confident and again, has very natural beauty. Would I also do horrible, disgusting things with Jen? YES. Not ashamed to say it.

And why is my blogger name “Rachel” on this blog? Completely inspired by Jennifer Aniston. That’s where my alter ego name came from.

3. Eva Mendes
Ummm…look at her. Envy those exotic looks!

Honorable mentions for me:
Jennifer Lopez
Britney Spears
Gwen Stefani
Lacey Chabert
Mila Kunis
Keira Knightley
Now, the same sex crush is not exclusive to women. Guys get “Man Crushes” as well. This is where the whole “admiration” deal comes into play. Yes, many men are not afraid to admit that their man crushes are handsome men, but it is usually a deeper admiration of that man having qualities that they find to be respectable, intriguing, or just down right awesome. It doesn’t mean they’d drop everything and make out with the guy. (But if they want to, I’m not judging. You did hear what I said about Jen Aniston, right?)

I did a survey on Twitter and Facebook yesterday, which was completely scientific. I asked both men and women to tell me who their top 3 same sex  crushes are. Surprisingly, I got a really good response from both genders. I did receive plenty more from the women, but overall, the guys seemed to have just as much fun with this little survey.

So here are the results:
50 individual women were named by the ladies
42 individual men were named by the guys

Here are the repeats:

Emma Stone: 6
Jennifer Aniston: 4
Zooey Deschanel: 4
Angelina Jolie: 3
Mila Kunis: 3
Kate Beckinsale: 2
Jennifer Lawrence: 2
Scarlett Johansson: 2
Rachel McAdams: 2
Cate Blanchett: 2
Anne Hathaway: 2
Cheryl Cole: 2
Natalie Portman: 2

George Clooney: 4
Brad Pitt: 3
Justin Timberlake: 2
Mario Lemieux: 2
Sidney Crosby: 2
Chris Hemmsworth: 2
Marc-Andre Fleury: 2
Ryan Reynolds: 2

Thank you for the honest responses to the guys. Some of the funnier commentary that came with it was: “That was surprisingly easy.” “I’ll play too. I have no shame.” A lot of guys though, and many of the ladies, sent me their picks in private and also followed up with, “This is based on admiration of these people.” That is perfect!

There is nothing wrong with being attracted to the same sex for any reason, be it physical features, personality qualities, accomplishments or otherwise. It doesn’t mean something is wrong with you, so have no fear. Have no shame. Sit back, and the next time you’re watching Mark Wahlberg or Carrie Underwood on tv, know that you’re not alone in saying, “Damn…that’s a good looking person!”

Come on…what guy doesn’t want to be this for just 5 minutes of their life?


One thought on “Same Sex Crushes

  1. Wow. Hmm. So–here’s one for ya…I am as gay as a rainbow-all my life (chix over dix) – but – would MOST assuredly give Mark Wahlberg a go. And Shemar Moore and of course, Kris Letang. Yes. Oh yes I would. Not gay all the way you say? No, but definately able to recognize a beutiful, perfectly yummy man and can say so without giving up the gay! It can happen, just like the guys and gals who responded to your “same sex crush” survey. Just thought I’d throw in thoughts “from the other side of the rainbow” (haha! , oh I kill me!) Seriously, it’s human nature and it’s there. Whether we’re able to be vocal about it or not – it’s there. And you know what they say, “Not that there’s anything wrong with that!” Nice article Rachel, hope you get great feedback!

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